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sarah Maurer

creative  photographer &

IWAWALL is a swiss photographer, painter and visual artist.

she is merging fresh colours and cheerful naive painting with touches of poster art, illustration and influences of retro art and modern pop. For happy hearts, plants, animals and children's souls.



As she feels alive while creating and evolving her artist work, we can be curious about her next steps and projects such as photographies, sculptures, Illustrations, hand made jewellery or blog story...



NOMAD Atelier / Bern

6.November 2023 - 20.January 2024

NOMAD Atelier / Bern2022

Zum Goldenen Kamm / Bern 2020

Zum Goldenen Kamm / Bern 2019

Péniche/ Biel/ Bienne 2018

 Zum Goldenen Kamm/ Bern 2017

M-Art Exibition /Schönbühl 2014

aktuell: iwa zu Gast im     Inhaus Bern !

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